Can preCICE be used for volume coupling?

I read that you do surface coupling?

Do you support volume coupling too?

Yes, but it will be computationally expensive. preCICE is mainly designed to couple simulations that share a common surface boundary. In this case, all the coupled volume nodes should be specified in the coupling mesh.

preCICE only knows about points and their connectivity, so it doesn’t make much of a difference if the points are on a surface or on a volume. However, in the case of volume coupling, nearest-projection mapping would not be available. You may still use the nearest-neighbor or RBF mapping, however.

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For the OpenFOAM adapter, there is an open Pull Request for supporting volume coupling:

Feedback or further work on this would be very welcome.

We have volume coupling on the radar and are currently gathering plans, ideas, information and work packages in the GitHub issue 468.

Feel free to participate in shaping this feature!

There have also been talks about volume coupling at the preCICE Workshop 2020: