Can I use preCICE for hybrid Lagrangian/Eulerian inhouse solver?


I am trying to solve the flow-field of rotorcraft. I am using the vortex particle method (Lagrangian Framework, no mesh) to solve the flow field of the rotor, FVM (Eulerian Framework, with mesh) to solve the flow field around the fuselage.

I have 3 solvers : 1. VPM solver (Fortran), 2. FVM solver (Fortran), 3. Kd Tree (C++).

Information from VPM , strength and location of fluid particles are going to the FVM solver.
Kd Tree is receiving information from VPM and FVM and transferring some information to VPM.

I have given a very small description of my solver. If needed I can surely provide more detailed info.

It will be really great if I can get some idea if I can use precice to communicate between these codes?

Thank you,

Hi @bidesh :wave:

In principle yes, but there are probably many details to solve.

In your VPM solver, you will probably need to define an artificial Eulerian mesh. Would that be possible?

An important decision will also be whether you want to realize the VPM-FVM coupling at a surface or with an overlap region.