CALCULIX material definition

Hello, I am now using calculix-openfoam for fluid structure coupling simulation. In ANSYS software, it can not work normally due to excessive deformation. But the deformation in precice is so small. I guess it’s my material definition, but I don’t know how to modify it. The length unit is m (2.3 MB)
precice-Calculix-watchpoint-Flap-Tip.log (192.2 KB)

this is the inp file
tube.inp (411 Bytes)

Hi @huchunjiao :wave:

You can change the solid material in the inp file:

2.3E+11, 0.2

It is indeed pretty stiff.


I’m glad to receive your reply. My grid unit is in meter. My material density is 1420 kg/m3 and my Young’s modulus is 2.3E+11pa. How should I input it in the inp file? I’m not clear about the material unit in the inp file. Please help me

Then, this looks correct.
I guess you also double-checked the fluid parameters?

My model moves in the sea water. The sea water density is 1020kg / m3 and the model sailing speed is 0.5m/s. This is my parameter setting. What else do I need to change (823 Bytes)

The turbulence parameters in the boundary conditions are calculated according to this website( CFD Online - Turbulence Properties, Conversions & Boundary Estimations ( (2.6 KB)