Adding coupling values as IOList in Mesh objectregistry


I need to store the value of the coupled data because I need it for further calculation in boundary condition implementation in the PIMPLE loop. So, I was planning that when precice adapter reads this data, I add it as a scalar in IOLIst and add it to the mesh objectregistry. For example,

IOList<scalar> waveg
                      mesh_, IOObject::NO_READ, IOobject::NO_WRITE), 1);
    waveg[0] = g;

However, when I go out of the scope of this function, I do not see this IOList added to the mesh objectregistry. How can I add this list there?

This is an interesting (at least for me), though OpenFOAM-specific question on how to register objects to the objects’ registry.

If I understand correcty (see OpenFOAM Wiki), with IOobject() you can create an object, but it does not register it. Could you please also try with regIOobject and report your findings here?

Since the latest OpenFOAM v2006, it seems to be easier to register an object using regIOobject::store().

@namanpurwar93 I hope that this resolves your question, otherwise feel free to reopen or follow up with the solution that actually worked for you.