A problem with meshes in output-coupled iterations

In my calculation example, I am calculating the fluid-structure coupling problem. In this case, I am calculating the coupling iterations at a certain moment in time, the flow field is calculated using pimplefoam in openfoam; the flow field calculation produces multiple iterations at a certain moment in time, and I would like to output the mesh of the calculation for each iteration in the flow field at this moment in time (up to the iteration of the flow field that converges).
For example, at t=3s, the openfoam drop in the flow field is computed 4 times before the convergence of the pressure in the coupling algorithm is reached. So can I output the mesh in the flow field for those four times?
Please, is there any method or operation or command that solves this problem?
Please help me, thanks!

It seems to me you are hitting the same limitation in OpenFOAM that made us introduce this workaround:

You could try implementing something similar, calling the writeNow() method. You would need to somehow change the names of the results files, though.