Absolute pressure value in FSI

I’m new to FSI simulations, so sorry if my question is tirvial. I’m trying to simulate blood flow through artery with OpenFOAM, preCICE and CalculiX. I’m using the tutorial files from “elastic-tube-3d” as a reference. My boundary condition is flow velocity at inlet. My main problem is that I’m using pimpleFoam solver for fluid domain (as in the tutorial) for which pressure at outlet needs to be set to 0 for stability. Therefore, pressure values are very small in entire fluid domain. As an absolute pressure does not influence incompressible flow, I believe it makes significant differences in terms of forces acting on solid domain. Therefore, is there any way to scale forces according to real pressure value? Or maybe I should use different solver? I’ll appreciate any help.

I’ve made some digging and found that for forces calculated by function object (OpenFOAM: User Guide: Forces) reference value of pressure might be set. Therefore, my current question is whether force values calculated with that function might be passed to th adapter?

For incompressible solvers, the adapter also needs a reference density:

nu              nu [ 0 2 -1 0 0 0 0 ] 1e-03;
rho             rho [1 -3 0 0 0 0 0] 1;

The forces written to preCICE are scaled by this density: