About the Community projects category

Share your simulation cases for everybody to admire and try.

Did you make a nice simulation case that you want to share with the rest of the community so that everybody can run it and build upon this? Please open a thread here:

  • Select a title that fully describes the case
  • Acknowledge any authors
  • Describe which solver versions you used and how to run the case (if not already in your archive)
  • Upload a screenshot of your results and/or link to a video
  • Upload your case here (small archive) or link to a specific version at another persistent repository (e.g. Zenodo, GitHub release or tag, …). Keep in mind that uploading to a regular cloud provider (e.g. Google Drive) does not guarantee that the case will be available in the long-term future.

Other users may reply to this thread with questions and further suggestions, so you may want to set a long-term email address in your Discourse settings or add more contact details here.

We will link to this category from the preCICE website, to increase visibility.