3D - 1D coupling

is there a way to couple a 1D simulation (OpenModelica) with a 3D simulation (OpenFoam)?

Welcome, @chi86!

In general, you can couple models of different dimensions, but you need to implement the “translation” between the 1D and the 3D world yourself, in one of the adapters. Two master’s theses have already dealt with similar problems:

We want to eventually bring this functionality into preCICE. Here is a conference paper in which you may find some first results:

Apart from the methodological aspect, you need to write an adapter for OpenModelica, since we currently do not have anything that you can directly use. Since OpenModelica is open-source, this should be rather easy and you could probably do the conversions there. If you eventually want to share this with the preCICE community, we would be happy to include it as a tutorial/adapter.

Thanks a lot for the detailed informations!

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