Why is consistent-consistent mapping not supported in parallel?


We are working on a coupled FSI code where OpenFOAM is coupled via precice to a custom solid mechanics solver. We are interested in using a consistent mapping of stress with a consistent mapping of displacements. Although this method works on a single core, when trying to run in parallel, the following error appears:

[precice] For a parallel participant, only the mapping combinations read-consistent and write-conservative are allowed.

We’d like to understand why this limitation exists, and if there is a work-around? I attached the precice config file. I do want to add that although this particular config file uses nearest-neighbor mapping, we are also interested in nearest-projection mapping.

Any insight is appreciated! TIA!

precice-config.xml (2.3 KB)

There is some information in the preCICE documentation and especially in the linked PhD thesis. It also describes a solution to the problem (move the mapping to the other participant to be read-consistent).


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