Using clusters on AWS - OpenFoam

I am trying to use a large cluster for FSI work. I am using AWS, but I suspect this issue may affect other cluster too.

The cluster processors don’t seem to be able to locate the preciceAdapterFunctionObject.

OpenFOAM reports
[10] Unknown function type preciceAdapterFunctionObject”

I have found the location for, and it appears to be on the head node.

How do I tell the other nodes where this function is located?

When I run the problem on the headnode only it runs fine.

Have you tried this on an Amazon ECS Cluster (Amazon ECS clusters - Amazon Elastic Container Service)? (OR) Are you using a single instance such as c5a.16xlarge (32 cores)? Perhaps, you are referring to the former? If it is the latter, you should have no problem as far as I know.

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