User poll on vertex normals

Dear preCICE users,

We are currently redesigning the preCICE internal mesh representation to reduce the memory overhead of meshes.
One major potential gain is to compute the normals of edges and triangles on-demand. However, the vertex normals would be prohibitively expensive to compute on-demand. Hence, we are considering to remove them from preCICE.

For a user of preCICE there are 2 ways of accessing these vertex normals:

  1. The user-defined python actions
  2. The vtk export

Please give us some insight in how you use these features.

User defined python actions

  • I use the vertex normals of vertexCallback().
  • I use the python actions, but don’t use the vertex normals.
  • I don’t use the user-defined python acitons.
  • What are user-defined python actions?
  • Actions? What are actions?

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VTK export

  • I use the point normals of vtk exports.
  • I don’t use the point normals of vtk exports.
  • I don’t use vtk exports.
  • What are vtk exports?

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Thank you for your time!

The preCICE team

As the poll indicates, the feature is barely used.
After discussing this again, we concluded that the benefits of removing the feature outweigh the negatives of keeping it.

Hence, we will drop the normals in the next release. So you can look forward to a 50% reduction in memory usage of the meshes in the next release!

Will the feature be removed completely or will it just be, by default, deactivated?

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