Moving points with OpenFOAM and python

Hi everyone,

trying to couple my OpenFOAM mesh to a FSI solver via preCICE, I have first coupled a python dummy solver with OpenFOAM via preCICE.

My aim is to give a rotation movement from the FSI solver to OpenFOAM.
Therefore I have first tried a simple displacement, which worked pretty well:

Next moving to a rotation movement.
First I wanted to make a rotational movement around the bottom of the airfoil. I have plottet the vectors I am giving from python to OpenFOAM via preCICE with matplotlib.
The problem I am facing is, that the points I am trying to displace in different speed and direction are deforming the arifoil and do not result in a rotation motion:

Is there anything obvious I could make wrong?
I have set the python mesh vertices to:

[[0.32, -0.105],[0.32, 0.016 ],[0.32, 0.097]]

which are three points in the airfoil I have picked with paraview: The first one at the bottom, second somewhere in the middle and the third at the top of the airfoil.

The full case is available here
If you need any other data, please let me know in the comments.
Please also see my python dummy solver code here.

Update: It seems as the problem are two patches which are both linked to the same mesh, OpenFOAM seems to have an issue with two patches one mesh.

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