Mapping Pressure instead of Force

Hello preCICE users,

I have a question about data mapping.
First of all, do you think it is correct to transfer pressure instead of forces? If we do transfer pressure, aren’t we missing the viscous stresses?
Since pressure is an intensive quantity (unlike force), do we need to use a consistent mapping?



This depends on your coupling scenario. In standard FSI that’s true, you can not simply omit the viscous forces. In our OpenFOAM adapter, for example, we have an additional data set called Stress including pressure and viscous contributions. The data is mapped consistently just like the pressure.

Yes, my scenario is FSI and the adapter I’m working with is the openFOAM one. I’m already used to SU2, which I used with MBDyn, but I was curious about the type of quantities exchanged by OF.

So Stress is an intensive quantity, as it is pressure, right? That’s why the mapping is consistent. Is it possible to exchange forces instead of pressure, in OF?

Intensive is (at least in my experience) a rather uncommon expression, but yes, Stress ist intensive, just as Pressure. Yes, you can exchange Forces instead of Stress. That’s also what most of our tutorial examples do in combination with OpenFOAM. IIRC, the FSI3 example is the only one which uses Stress instead of Force.

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Overview of all data types supported by the OpenFOAM adapter: