FSI with OpenFOAM and in-house solver

Hi @Stan,

I guess you have already seen this thread from our FAQs. Let me try to explain it a little bit more in detail: In case you use an ALE approach, your solid domain and the respective part in the fluid moves during the simulation. However, the relative positions of the nodes at the interface are the same during the whole simulation so that the mapping problem is from a preCICE perspective the same as well. To answer your question: yes, preCICE maps the values in ‘reference configuration’, i.e. the initial mesh configuration, but that’s exactly what you want in case of an ALE approach. Of course, the exchanged values (at least in case of OpenFOAM) correspond from a solver perspective to the deformed configuration.

Yes, there is information. We have a dedicated section for this topic on our website. Similarly, we have collected all relevant information regarding OpenFOAM in the OpenFOAM adapter section on the website. IIRC there are also some threads about multi-phase flows with OpenFOAM in the forum.