Does the watch point move with the solid participant in FSI?

Dear precicers,

when setting the watching point in the precice-config.xml, we need to define the coordinates of the watching point. As in the FSI simulation, the solid participant, where the watching points are set, could move or vibrate, making the coordinates set in the precice-config.xml no longer the same place relative to, say, the centroid of the sold.

I wonder if the watching point moves with the associated mesh or it is the absolute coordinate in the space? if latter is the case, is there a way to sepecify the watching point moving with the associated mesh?

thank you all for helping

Hi @SunweiLee,

To the best of my knowledge the watchpoint defined in the preCICE configuration does not move. This is also in-sync with the overall constraint of preCICE that it is not able to handle dynamically moving meshes.

Lets say you want to know the displacement at a particular point on the solid participant in a FSI case. You define a watchpoint in the solid participant. This will remain the same over the simulation and whatever displacement is seen at that point, it will be written to the watchpoint file.

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