Data mapping issue (mapping data takes too much time)

Hi all,
After I modified our in-house code using preCICE with my colleague, I’ve been trying to do some FSI simulations using OpenFOAM and our in-house solver. For a simple flap case(100 cells for solid part and 50000 cells for fluid part), the mapping process is pretty fast and the simulation finished successfully.

However, for another simple simulation similar to the turek-hron-fsi case(1600 cells for solid part and 20000 cells for fluid part, my .xml file is uploaded.), both participants calculate really fast, but the mapping data process takes about 10 to 20 seconds. Why does mapping data take so much time?

Since our aim is to do large scale simulation, such time cost in mapping data is unacceptable. Is there any methods to speed up the mapping process? Could it be done in parallel? Any comments will be appreciated!

precice-config.xml (2.1 KB)

Hi @Stan,

you are using <mapping:rbf-thin-plate-splines ... />, which has global support. This means that, especially if you are using a very fine mesh, the mapping will consider all the interface mesh points and will take a very long time.

Try switching to mapping:rbf-compact-tps-c2 and specifying a support-radius a few times the cell size (provided that you have more or less cells of similar sizes around the interface, choose accordingly).


Hi Makis,
Thank you for your reply, I’ll give it a try at once.

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