Can I make build a single module in precice code?

For example, I can build M2N module or COM module?but not build all code.

Hi @ilovenili,

What is the motivation to do so?

maybe it’s like this:
when I modefied something in one module, if build All. the time is long.

So, you are customising the preCICE library?

Sounds interesting! Do you mind sharing what you are working on?

If you use the Makefile generator of CMake, then partial rebuilds should be handled automatically. Note that changing header files may require major rebuilds.

Also note that the Ninja generator in combination with the Clang compiler is buggy and will lead to unnecessary rebuilds.

sorry, when I modified a little in precice, I have to build all,I only think it’s will waste large time.

Hi, it depends what you are working on. If you modify central header files such as Mesh.hpp, then a majority of compilation units need to be rebuilt.

I am marking this as a solution, as this is a general C/C++ problem and not specific to preCICE.

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