About debug of caculix and openfoam?

when I run quickstart in debug mode, I found I can debug solid-cpp code in QT, but how can I debug openfoam-adapter code? If openfoam-adapter call from openfoam source code ?

and same question is how can I debug caculix-adapter code ?
If caculix-adapter call from caculix source code ?

Hi @ilovenili,

as I guess you would expect an answer from me, I do not typically use any debugger with the OpenFOAM adapter. Plain old print statements it is…

But I would not be surprised if VSCode could manage to set up a debugger for you. In any case, please reply here is you find any good solution.

There was recently a relevant training session at the OpenFOAM Workshop, maybe you can learn something from that: 18th OpenFOAM Workshop - OpenFOAM Code Debugging and Profiling - YouTube

it seems that I must download openfoam source code