A question about some limit about precice!

hi,my question is:
Are there any limitations to the commercial application of precice?
for example:
1 Is there a limit to the maximum grid nodes number on interface-node or all-node that can be computed?
2 How stable is precice when performing large-scale computations?

preCICE can be used for commercial applications. By design, the license of the preCICE library allows it to be used by closed-source codes. If you ship a modified version of the preCICE library as part of your application, then you need to publish the sources.
This allows commercial use of preCICE, but no commercial extension of it.

preCICE has been tested with synthetic cases of multiple million mesh nodes. Real-world cases should not reach any limits of preCICE.

There are no known stability issues of preCICE itself.

However, you may hit limitations of some methods.
Examples are:

  • global-iterative radial-basis-function mappings, whose systems quickly explode in terms of size
  • poorly configured acceleration methods, which can easily fill up your memory

I recommend having a look at our reference paper (section 3.2.3 Numerical and runtime performance) for a better understanding on how data mapping schemes scale.

oh, you are welcome,very thanks!

1 about " multiple million mesh nodes" is refer to interface or global?
2 for us,global mesh element maybe hundreds of millions,and have five millions element on interface.

It refers to the amount of nodes passed to preCICE. For interface coupling, this would be your interface mesh and hence shouldn’t be an issue.

Note that depending on your system, you may need to enable 2 level initialisation to prevent running out of memory on rank 0 of your parallel solvers.

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