preCICE workshop 2024

When will the workshop be held in 2024? What are the eligibility criteria, and are any scholarships offered for the workshop?

Hi @dprakash,

we have not yet settled on a date for the next preCICE Workshop, as the next months are a bit stressful for multiple members of our team (writing up our PhDs etc). We are also considering moving it to a different time of the year than February (e.g., in fall 2024) and it will most probably be in Stuttgart. In any case, it is getting a bit late to organize an in-presence workshop in February.

Everything is fluid at the moment, but for sure there will be more preCICE workshops in the future.

Any free tickets and travel funding will depend on any additional funding we may get at that moment.


Thanks for the reply. Eagerly waiting for announcement dates.

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@dprakash the news are out: preCICE Workshop 2024 - Save the date!