Pipe flow FSI using OpenFOAM and CalculiX

I am running out of ideas, but could you please comment on whether other tutorials are running? If yes, which ones have you tried? Could you already run CalculiX cases with preCICE before (with preCICE compiled with the same compiler as you used here)?

Did you by any chance compile preCICE with the Intel compiler, but install the CalculiX adapter from the Debian package?

Hi @Makis
perpendicular flap and elastic tube (3D) both run successfully. So, I have tried simple Calculix cases alone like a rectangular beam and run them using the command “ccx_preCICE” and they ran.

I installed the CalculiX adapter from scratch using the steps on Get the CalculiX adapter | preCICE - The Coupling Library

I was able to solve the coupling issue and it looks like it was a compilation error on the cluster which I fixed with the help of a technician.
Thank you guys!

The case now couples but diverges and I think it is a wrong OF boundary condition however, I changed several things and am still trying. I would appreciate any insight on this.


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